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Where did BJP Government go wrong? comment
Why do startups fail even after substantial funding? comment
Development programs hardly ever benefit the poor. comment
Science Is A Boon Or Bane comment
Is Globalization Really Necessary? comment
Is China better than India in software comment
Casteless India - A pipe dream comment
Religion should not be mixed with politics comment
India or west , which is the land of opportunities comment
Merits and Demerits of cashless economy. comment
What is Brexit and how it impacts world? comment
How will new service named as "Indian Enterprise Development Service (IEDS)" help in achieving growth in MSME sector through a focussed and dedicated cadre of technical officers? comment
Hillary vs Trump, Who deserved to be the President of US? comment
What is going to be Donald Trump's stand on India, Indian Students and Visas? comment
Does the hasteness shown by the government in implementeing the policies related to tackling of Black money is justifiable or condemnable as it has has created a lot of hysteria and confusion among the masses. would masses take it positively or the other way comment
Does the strategy used by GOI to tackle Black money is just or it is has been just a coverup for the inefficiency of GOI to bring in the black money. comment
As the new policy of GOI to tackle black money is under implementation ,Which sector would be the most affected sector and to which sectors would it prove beneficial. comment
In the long run would the steps taken by the government of India in curbing the Black money prove helpful. comment
Kim Jong-un of North Korea is a Dictator or a Chauvinist? Is he or his country a threat to the world? comment
How effective is the strategy and strictness by India towards Pakistan? comment
Who is more Intolerant in India, Public or Politicians? comment
Who is responsible for the loss of India in Olympics, Sports person or the corruption in Politics? comment
India will never be able to get back the black money? comment
Is India gaining respect and getting recognized at international level? comment
Is reservation in India ruining the society? comment
Reservation is the root cause of talents moving to overseas? comment
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How effective is the strategy and strictness by India towards Pakistan?
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