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Website Development
1. To get free consultancy and help on making a website, prove that you are a startup.
2. Help will be provided only if project details are clear.
3. Project deadlines could move ahead as I am a working professional. I hardly go beyond the deadline.
4. For paid website Development
Rs 25,000 is the flat charge for six months of work(work includes only Requirement mentioned in the documentation, every other requirement goes in new requirement or maintenance area).
Rs 5,000 for maintenance of one year work.
Rs 10,000 for new requirement of a website for one year.

App Development
1. For paid App Development
Rs 20,000 is the flat charge for six months of work.
Rs 10,000 is the flat charge for new requirement.
2. Free app development for small or startup companies, as long as your project takes max one month of time.

Note:- No charges will be taken from startup, except for a thanking note on your product.